About Us

TIMBER TREATMENT INTERNATIONAL LTD (incorporating EATEC) is a locally registered company that purchased EATEC Ltd as a going concern. EATEC Ltd was a wholly owned subsidiary of Lonrho East Africa group of companies, which started operations in the years preceding the Second World War, initially set up to process Wattle Bark (Acacia Mearnis) for production of vegetable tanning extract.

After the removal of the bark from the trees, it was found that high quality wood was not being fully utilized and the company was concerned that a natural scarce resource was being lost. The Wood Preservation Plant (WPP) was started to preserve this renewable resource by chemically treating it to the Kenyan and International standards thereby considerably extending the life and versatility of the timber.

Currently the factory is fed by the timber supplied by farmers from their farm harvests as well as from tea estates and Government forests, with all necessary licences, following stringent laid down procedures.